Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Element Global Value - 2012 Letter

I have been managing a portfolio of stocks for two years. To keep track of my ideas, and most important to force myself to be disciplined I have been writing a monthly newsletter where I go over the change in the portfolio during the month, analyse new companies and assess my results.

I have been sending out these reports to friends & family, and have now decided to make them available to the general public. You will notice that the detail level increases substantially with time.

Below is the end of year letter for 2012. The letter is a bit long, but very interesting. It covers the various aspects of how I manage Element. In the report I also do a more detailed review of the largest positions in the portfolio, as well as the positions that have had a poor performance.

I hope you find the letter interesting and all feedback is appreciated.

Going forward I will post the monthly reports here. I have also made available past reports via my Scribd account. You can access them by clicking this link.

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